When You Listen To Music

When you listen to music try to imagine the musician as a young teenager recording a “thing he just did” on his computer, not expecting much from it.
Listen to the lyrics. Everytime.
Do nothing else.
Or do everything, workaholic.
Use it, don’t abuse it.
Pass it on. And keep just some for yourself, the embarrassing artsy one especially (“they wouldn’t understand it anyway”).
Make yourself playlists, for personal daily soundtracks.
Of course imagine yourself performing it in front of thousands of people, and being really cool (not dorky at all).
Imagine meeting the artist and telling him how cool he was for making that song: think of the entire speech.
Use it as an alarm clock, but not the acoustic, folk, indie, reggae, or minimal one: you know you’d just keep sleeping.
Keep parts of lyrics as useful advice for your closest friends, i.e.:”you can’t hurry love, you just have to wait”. It gives the chance to lighten up the mood by singing the whole rest of the song right after (might make it awkward, really).
Sing parts of it in a whisper in public. Out loud while riding the bike.
Spend a ridiculous amount of time on it.
Get informed.
Brag about knowing that information.


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